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2016-2-22 21:49:02
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2012-5-31 20:35:25
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Mining Wheel Rim

As is know, mining is a very important consumer for OTR wheel rim and earthmoving wheel rim. In response to the very demanding requirements from mining customer, Antaeus are paying more and more attention on mining wheel rim from design to production to maintence, with the aim to decrease the cost for mining owner through providing various wheel rim solutions and developing variety of specially designed wheel and rim.

Based on the researches in the lab and on the mining spot, the engineers from Antaeus noticed the important factor to influence the lifetime of the wheel is extra long woking time with severe over loading condition. The cracks always happened between the disc and rim base.

Another factor to shorten the lifetime of the wheel is the corrosions caused by the sand, water and dirt. The lack of the maintenance of the wheel make the result worse.

Based on all the previous theory, Antaeus are pround to provide a new wheel design: forged mining wheel rim with forged gutter and disc, forged back section.

Through the forged gutter and disc, the loading performances will be improved in a large extent. Then the cracks between the disc and rim base will be avoided in some point.

The new design will be firstly tried with 5pieces type wheel 25-25.00/3.5 and will be transported to customers for test very soon after production.

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