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Earthmover Wheel Rim 24-8.5/1.7 (five-pieces type) available

After a while's efforts  by the R&D, Antaeus is pround to say that we develop a new wheel 5pcs type 24-8.5/1.7 to replace the previous 3pcs type.

Five-pieces wheel 24-8.5/1.7 features as follows:

1. Fully machined 5 piece wheel assemblies that are designed to suit the
 high air pressure severe application 12.00R24 Tires.
2. Reinforced rim base and bead seat band will provide more air volume to  carry load improve tire life and reduce heat.
3. Fully machined, round, greater strength and give a perfect mating and sealing match for the tires beads and O-Ring seal.
4. Much thicker in all critical areas creating long service life.
5. Removable flanges can be replaced when regular wear or damage occurs at a reasonable cost without having to scrap the wheels.
6.  Good dual spacing that will resolve any tire kissing/mating concerns.

Benefits 5-piece tubeless wheels have over 3 Piece wheels are:

1. Fully machined wheel and Bead seat band. This provides a perfect fit to the Tire in the Critical
2. Tire bead seating, sealing and O Ring sealing areas. This provides a uniform fit of all wheel components reducing movement and increasing strength.
3. Removable Flanges The flanges can be replaced when regular radial flange wear or damage occurs The three piece wheels have fixed flanges and as Radial wear occurs in the tire Flange Chafer area. The wheels will need to be replaced or tire damage will occur
4. Series O Ring for Better Air seal. The 3 Piece 2 series O Rings with Non Machined components will eventually loose air.

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