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Legal Statement

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Services and Materials are intended only for ANTAEUS’S .customers and are provided only for your convenience. We will not offer any indication or suggestion to guarantee the correctness, timeliness, effectiveness, stability, availability and no infringement upon the rights of others for any information on the website; or guarantee that the server is always stable for you to browse, read, copy or use the website at any time; or guarantee the accuracy and intactness of the texts, pictures, materials, links, descriptions, statement or other issues on the website; or guarantee that the information of the website is free from any error in terms of printing, copying or inputting. ANTAEUS GROUP CORPORATION LTD may modify the information of the website from time to time without any prior notice, however, we will not promise to update the information timely with any change of the information, or inform you of any updated information.
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Trademark & Domain Name

All logos and word trademark used on www.antaeuswheel.com are all registered trademark or trademark of ANTAEUS GROUP CORPORATION LTD in China, No unit or individual shall use the above trademark by any means without written authorization of the Group. Unauthorized use or duplication of these marks is strictly prohibited by law.
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