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Quality Warranty

1. We warranty that all the delivered goods are free from defects in materials and workmanship, and are strictly produced according to the technical drawing provided by Antaeus.
2. The buyer should examine all the goods immediately upon receipt and advise us, in writing of any discrepancy in the respect of numbers or quality. Failure to advise Antaeus within 10days would presume goods to be accptable.
3. Normal wear is not covered under warranty. The warranty also doesn’t cover damage resulting improper usage of the wheel, for example overloading above the capacity specified or violating the standards stipulated by ETRTO, TRA and the local laws, or using tyre do not correspond to the above standards.
4. We have no obligation under warranty for goods if they were modified, or processed (including welding of disc to rim, drilling stud holes,  mechanical process of the surface., etc. Repairing of the wheel or the components are strictly prohibited.
5. The onus for submitting a claim together with corroborative evidence is the sole responsibility of the buyer. This includes
providing presence of defect itself on exact our products, the fact that the notification of defects are sent on time. The buyer is obliged to store in good condition all claimed wheel, and to provide samples if necessary.
6. We warranty that proven defects will be corrected either through replacement of goods or through compensation of their EXW prices at the moment of initial delivery of goods.